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Post Abortion Counseling

If you have had a loss in your life whether through abortion, or miscarriage, we want you to know that you are not alone and we are here for you.


We offer counseling by trained professionals to help you navigate your way through grief, to know and accept  God's love and forgiveness, and deal with PTSD if it applies. 


If the following characteristics describe what you are experiencing, please call us or stop by and we can help you.



Post Abortion Stress Symptoms:

 • I struggle to ‘turn off’ the feelings connected to my abortion, telling myself to forget about it
• I avoid the subject of abortion in public conversation or in the media
• I am uncomfortable around babies or pregnant women

• I feel depressed around the time the abortion took place or on the due date
• I am resentful toward others involved in my abortion(father of baby, parents, doctor, etc.)
• I have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships

•My use of drugs/alcohol has increased significantly since the abortion

•I have developed prolonged depression or suicidal thoughts
•I have repeated dreams of babies who are crying/in distress or nightmares

• I have suffered from flashbacks to the abortion or panic/anxiety attacks

• I feel a vague emptiness or deep sense of loss
•I am not able to talk about my abortion without being overcome by sorrow, anger or guilt
• I have eating/sleeping problems
• I see my life as ‘before’ and ‘after’ the abortion

•My memories of the abortion seem more painful than the actual experience




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