Sexting: What's the Big Deal?

More often than not, the clients I see who engage in sexting are also the same clients who struggle with seeing their own self-worth. Sexting has become a huge practice among millennials and Z's alike, and is having a more devastating affect than we might realize.

If sexting is only sending a nude picture, then what harm could it do? There is no risk of pregnancy or an STD. That is true. However, just because there is no physical risk, doesn't mean that there isn't a risk at all. There are emotional and legal risks to consider as well.

In a study published in Psychology Today it was found that nearly 30% of teens have sexted. And of those 30% another 25% admitted to forwarding the picture to someone else. What started out as a risky behavior between you and one other person, has now been shared with someone else. As easy as it is to post pictures anonymously online, this is a perfect way to ruin your reputation- and fast.

Revenge porn is a growing problem and is now illegal in 34 states. This feeds into the bullying issue we already have and the emotional toll this can take on a person from sharing one picture is catastrophic.

You have so much more value than that. You are uniquely made. There is no other on earth exactly as you are. You have a purpose, and are loved by your creator. Don't sell yourself short by trying to get the attention of someone with sexting. Don't give in to pressure from someone who requests more than they have the right to.

Know who you are and how much you are loved.


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